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Best Azure BI Training in Hyderabad

Now-a-days, almost all the companies are choosing to deploy their business operations in cloud more than ever before. This is because of extensive benefits like increased productivity, better agility and decrease in operational costs – but achieving this is a tough task. So We, at Eclasess, enable students to discover the potential of Cloud Computing Platform like Azure ,by providing comprehensive cloud training for new professionals who are looking to expand their skill set in cloud computing and to experience Professional who are looking to learn how to  implement and design  Azure Data Solution.

 What you will learn from this course (Azure BI is the most in-demand skill in the Market)?

  • Gather cloud domain knowledge and  learn about various components which can be used to design and develop BI solutions to businesses in Cloud.
  • Gain expertise to transform raw data processing efforts into Analytical data that meet business and technical requirements.
  • Understand the concepts related to Azure Data Engineering in the Azure UI
  • Create and deploy various Azure Services like Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Data warehouse.
  • Expand knowledge base on all the topics related to Azure Services in DP 200 certification.
  • Interactive Lab training on data ingestion, transformation, and export data to Azure Storage, Data lake, Database using Data bricks, and Azure HDInsight.
  • Explore ore concepts on Pipelines and activities in Azure Data Factory.

Why Microsoft Azure Data Engineering and Why Azure BI?

  • Microsoft Azure Date Engineering is one of the fastest-growing and becoming the most valuable career prospects among BI design and development enthusiasts.
  • As per Statistics in the 2020 Dice report, there was 92% year-over-year growth in job postings for Cloud data engineers, which was holding most potential among all technology jobs.
  • Most of the businesses are choosing to migrate and deploy their business operations in the cloud more than ever before in order to save operational costs.
  • We, at Eclasess, enable students to discover the potential of Azure BI by providing the best azure BI training for IT professionals who are looking to expand their skill set in data engineering.
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Who should attend this course (Eclasess is offering Best Azure BI Training in Hyderabad)

  • New IT professional who want to kick start their career in Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Those who want to learn Azure Data Engineering
  • Data Scientists
  • Database and BI developers
  • ETL experts
  • Visualization experts who want to expand their knowledge base on data processing


Why choose us?

  • Assure Real-time practical training.
  • Industry oriented and relevant project examples
  • We can provide a complete practical oriented course with real-time scenarios.
  • 7 Days Money back guarantee!
  • Guaranteed assistance for clearing certification
  • 100% job assistance.
  • Resume preparation and mock interviews.
  • We also provide job support who need help in completing projects
Why Azure BI Data Engineering Needs to Learn from eclasess? Azure BI Data Engineer is one of best tool inside Azure cloud provided by Microsoft. This is one of best emerging technology to get job currently in market with high salaries. As per Statistics in the 2020 Dice report, there was 92% year-over-year growth in job postings for Cloud data engineers.
Microsoft Azure BI Training by RAM BOYAPATI
Services:    Duration:45 hours
Resume Preparation
Interview Questions and Answers
Real Time Project Explanation
1 Introduction to Microsoft Azure
 what is Cloud computing
 what are services offering Microsoft azure
Advantages of cloud computing
Types of cloud deployments
Types of cloud Services
Microsoft Azure vs AWS
How to Create Azure Account
Azure Architecture & Services
How to Create Resources and Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure
Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment
How to create Virtual Machine
2 What are Storage Accounts in Azure
  Tables Security in Storage Account Access keys Share Access Signatures
3 Azure SQL Databases
What is Azure SQL
Different deployments of SQL in Azure Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL in Virtual Machine
How to create Azure SQL Server
How to Create Database in Azure SQL Server What is Elastic Pool in Azure SQL Database Different kind of Pricing Tiers in Azure SQL
How to Query Azure SQL Server from On-premises SSMS and Cloud How to Query Data from Azure Blob files into SQL using Poly base
What is Polybase in Azure SQL
What is External tables
What are limitations compared On-premises to Cloud SQL Server
How to Load Data from On-premises to Cloud SQL using data factory
Migration of Existing Data from on premises to SQL Azure
4 What is Azure Data ware House
Compare SQL Database vs Azure DW
How to Create Azure DW
How to cross query data in DW Poly base using Azure Data warehouse
How to Query Azure SQL DW from On-premises SSMS and Cloud
How to Load Data to Azure DW using data Factory from Azure SQL
How to Load Data from on premises to Cloud SQL DW using data factory
5 Azure Data Factory
·       Azure Data Factory vs SSIS
·       Linked Services
·       Data Sets
·       Pipelines
·       Parameters vs Variables
·       Copy Data
·       Monitor Manage
·       Autor and Deploy
·       Different kinds of integration runtimes
·       How to create pipelines from template
·       How to configure different Integration Runtimes
·       Azure Integration runtime
·       Azure Self Hosted Integration Runtime
·       SSIS Integration runtime.
Move & transform
·       Copy Data
General activities
·       Append Variable
·       Execute Pipeline
·       Execute SSIS Package
·       Get Metadata
·       Lookup
·       Stored procedure
·       Set Variable
·       Delete
·       Wait
·       Until
Iteration & Conditionals
           ·       Filter
           ·       For Each
           ·       If Condition
           ·       Until Incremental Loading in Azure Data factory using Blob Storage to SQL Implementing Slowly changing Dimension Data Flow Source Lookup Derived Column Alter Row Conditional Split Sink
What are ARM Templates using for Deployment
How to Deploy Data Factory Pipelines DEV, Test, Prod environment
Version Control and Code Repository in Git Hub
Debugging and Monitoring Pipelines
Error handling and Logging error records
Lift and Shift SSIS packages in to Azure Data Factory 6. Logic Apps   What is Logic Apps How to Create Workflow using Logic Apps in Azure. How to Send Mail using Logic app in Azure Data Factory
7 Azure Analysis Services
What is Azure Analysis Services Tabular Model
How to create Azure Analysis Service Tabular model project
What is Workspace database
Import Data
Direct Query Mode
Tables and Columns
Deployment of Tabular Project
Migration of Tabular Project Installation of On premises Gateway
8 Data Lake
Blob Storage vs Data Lake What is Data Lake Date Lake Gen1 Vs Gen2
How to store Data into data lake
How to Query data from data lake to SQL Server.
Introduction to Azure Data Lake U-SQL Batch Job
Data Lake Analytics How to Schedule Data Lake Analytics Jobs using Data Factory Azure Blob to Data Lake Gen 2 using Data Factory
What is HD-insight
U SQL Introduction Introduction to U SQL U-SQL vs SQL How to Run U-SQL scripts Extractors and Out putters How to extract Data from Data Lake gen1 Query TSV Files Create Database and Table Populate Table Create Rowset Defining parameters Performing Grouping and aggregation Conditionally counting Filtering aggregated rows Aggregate functions The U-SQL catalog Databases How to create Tables How to create Views How to create Stored Procedures How to create Functions How to create Table-valued functions (TVFs)
9 Databricks
What is Data bricks How to Create Data Bricks Free Account What is Workspace in Data Bricks Different Kind of Clusters in Data Bricks Basics of Spark. What is Note Books How to Mount Data lake to data bricks using Scala Reading data From Blob storage and Writing into Azure SQL Reading data From Data Lake storage and Writing into Azure SQL using Python and Scala Explore, Analyze, Clean, Transform and Load Data in Data bricks using  Python and SQL Python vs Scala vs SQL
Configure data bricks Schedule and Run Notebooks in Azure Data Factory
10 How to configure Event Hub
Introduction to  Azure Cosmos Db Features of Azure Cosmos DB Different kind of Consistency Levels in Cosmos DB Cosmos DB - Multi Model 5 APIs Create Azure Cosmos DB Create Database and Collection Add an Item to a Collection Read selected data from a collection Creating and calling a stored procedure Updating and querying from Collection Creating Indexing at Collection Level Security of Cosmos DB
11 HD Insight
Introduction to HD Insight HD Inisght vs Hadoop Different kind of Clusters in HD Insight Architecture of HDInsight What is Hive and perform extraction and transformations using hive What is Sqoop and performing data export using sqoop 12 Security Access Keys Shared Access Signature Azure Active Directory How to register App in Azure Active Directory Role Based Access Control
12 Power BI
 what is power BI
How to create Reports in Power BI desktop Using Azure Data sources
Publish Reports into power BI cloud